About Us 

Welcome! At HomeCue, we strive to provide daily essentials at a low price. Founded in 2020 during the Covid season, we've come a long way from a small Amazon retail arbitrage business to over 10,000+ customers in the US.

Our Mission:

By entering an extremly competitive market, we've broken down the nexus of what customers  value the most: customer support, high quality products, and most importantly, low prices. 

How We Operate:

We use partners throughout the US and China to fulfill orders extremely quickly while making sure the product quality always exceeds the customers' expectations. 

Our Culture:

At HomeCue, our commitment lies in both sustainability and community support. Starting from the summer of 2022, we have made a conscious choice to redirect customers who are returning products, such as those deemed "no longer needed", to donation bins or local non-profit organizations instead of instructing to ship their purchases back to us via FedEx or UPS. This momentous decision aligns with our values of reducing global waste and contributing positively to our society. 

Our History:

In 2020, we ventured into the fiercely competitive market of computer components. Since then, our scope has broadened to encompass home products like swimming pools, hot tubs, and inflatables. With over $1,000,000 in sales over the past year, we are poised for further expansion.